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Why Pockets in Ethnic Wear Are a Game-Changer for Women

Let's imagine, you are enjoying brunch with your friends and they want to have a Groupfie with you but all you are doing is struggling while carrying your phones and other things, and boom all the excitement just vanished. 

How many times have you worn ethnic clothing and carried a purse to carry your phone, keys, rubber band, or other lipstick for touch-ups? Well, beautiful ladies just forget those days when we need to struggle with the stuff, ethnic wear with pockets is here to complement your every occasion and let you feel free and flawless.

The newly invented dresses with pockets at Jaipur Morni have created a lot of buzz among women. It is a one-stop platform for all the ethnic wear our females need, with the utmost modernity. We have suits, lounge sets, jumpsuits, and corset sets that have pockets in them and are now, becoming the favorite staples for women like you.

Few reasons you need ethnic wear with pockets 

There is no doubt that we women need pockets in all the grabs but in the ethnic wear, it's crucial. Let us understand why having ethnic garbs with pockets can be the game changer. 

Versatility in style 

The advantage of having a dress with pockets is that you can wear it on a variety of occasions, from parties to the office without worrying about how it looks. It will always look perfect on you, no matter what occasion you are wearing it. All you have to do is pair them with the right jewelry and footwear to create a statement look.

Security and liberty

Now you do not need to worry about your stuff, belongings, and extra things that you carry when wearing ethnic wear. Having pockets allows you to store your precious things only for yourself and reduces your need to depend on others while you go for a movie, eat at a party, or outside, enjoy shopping, and make outgoing activities a lot more enjoyable without having to worry about losing anything.

Always the conversation starter 

Our female heads are always buzzing with new ideas, and seeing someone wearing a dress with pockets can be the new conversation starter. It just makes you feel more comfortable, and confident and allows you to create a bold style statement more than anyone could. 

Outfits with pockets from Jaipur Morni’s selection

Having a look at Jaipur Morni's haul of a handpicked assortment of dresses with pockets will help us select the right ethnic wear for any occasion.

Turquoise Printed Lounge Set

Lounge wear with pockets are as crucial as diamonds for women that nothing can beat. If you are the one who loves to stay simplistic and chic with a simple look then this printed lounge set is the perfect attire to pick for. Our loungewear comes with a pocket that is nothing short of a blessing, allowing you to take your keys, phone, or lipstick with you without having extra worries.

Gulabi Nagri Printed Cotton Dress

This blushy pink cotton dress with pockets from Jaipur Morni is just the perfect addition to your wardrobe this summer. This staple is perfect for a long beach day, a casual outing, and a cute date where sweet sleeves complement your overall look like nothing else. If you don't feel like carrying a bag, the side pockets provide a practical solution and steal all the limelight for you.

Meher Green Printed Sequinned Pure Cotton Kurta with Trousers & Dupatta

Printed Cotton Suit is the go-to ensemble for all the women out there for their durability and comfort which makes it a perfect choice for all occasions. Having a pocket in the suit is just like the cherry on the top which makes it your favorite to opt for and Jaipur Mornis brings you this luxury at ease and lets you go carefree with all your essentials. 

Indigo Printed Co-ord Set with Pockets

Who doesn't want to wear cord sets on a daily basis, and if it comes with pockets then it seems nothing less than heaven? Our printed cord set pieces at Jaipur Morni have pockets in them that are an ideal outfit to carry your style statement whether it's an office meeting or an outing with friends. The printed motifs and the flair sleeves are just giving it the right allure to spark the look.


So all the ladies out there, this is the time to upgrade your ethnic closet with Jaipur Morni’s innovative attire that has just come up with pockets and oozing fabric. After all, we all need some extra space in our clothes to carry our essentials close and rock the day like a diva. So this season just get ready to shower yourself with a lot of compliments with these ethnic wear with pockets, exclusively from Jaipur Morni. Stay updated for more innovative attire that you will love to don.


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