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'Zero-Waste' company | An initiative towards sustainability

Since the world is experiencing a pandemic and going through major environmental changes, it’s high time we respect nature and give back the environment as much stability as we can. Going eco-friendly will improve our quality of life in terms of mortality, age, diseases, etc. We might have a better shot at living a quality life with health if we chose to go eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly literally means earth-friendly or not harmful to the environment. So what is a zero-waste business?

Here at JAIPUR MORNI, we are passionate about everything sustainable, we like to retain the waste material and evaluate the best way to put it to use. A week’s leftover fabric can produce up to 100 shopping bags and 500 face masks, that also reusable! Imagine what a relief it is for our planet!

We, as a brand, are conscious of our ecosystem and urge our clients to pick from our wide range of upcycled products such as tote bags, sleeves, shopping bags ad face masks,.