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Durable is Doable with Jaipur Morni | A guide to taking care of your cottons

We get a lot of queries from our customers about how they can take care of the garments purchased from us. Some of the most common queries are about colour bleeding, wash care instructions and shrinkage of the garment. Here, we are addressing all the things you need to know about the durability of our garments! 


1. Colour bleeding

While all the colours of our garments are fast, deep-dyed garments are still prone to colour-bleeding. The best way to prevent your garments from losing their colour is to hand wash them in cold water. We suggest doing different sets of laundry and avoiding mixing garments while washing. Please note that it isn’t just new garments that could bleed colour; older garments are prone to bleeding too. Hence, irrespective of the garment age, always wash the garments separately in cold water. 


2. Drying & Shrinkage

It’s always recommended to dry your garments in shade. Sunlight could lead to colour fading, especially for dark/bright/deep dyed garments. While turning the garment inside out and drying may be an option, it is best to avoid the sun altogether. 

 While most of our garments are pre-shrunk, the natural cloth fibres tend to get compressed under the impact of excessive heat which ultimately leads to shrinkage. Cotton fabric is constructed with the application of a certain amount of tension to the yarn. The release of this tension in the washing machine due to the action of the washer and the dryer (and steamer) is what causes cotton fabric to shrink back to its original size. 



3. Ironing and creasing

For a neater and smoother look, ensure you iron the back or inside of the fabric as well as the outside. Start ironing the underside, or inside the fabric first, so as to eliminate creases while ironing the outside. Most of the Jaipur Morni apparels have sequins and bead work on it, we recommend our customers not to iron on the embellishment to ensure the durability of the hand-work. 


Follow these 3 basic steps and let durable be doable with Jaipur Morni!